Are these products made from synthetic hair or human hair?
In truth, both! offers a number of hair extensions such as the micro loop extensions, tape-in and clip-in extensions, all made from natural and synthetic hair.
What is “Remy”hair?
Remy virgin hair is the finest quality human hair where the hair cuticles are kept intact. The hair strands are completely aligned, always going in one direction.This type of hair can easily be dyed,styled and bleached.
Could hair extensions ruin my hair?
If you don’t take proper care. Typically, hair extensions do not damage natural hair, but they do require more care. Along with daily care, you’ll need to inspect each extension every 4 to 6 weeks and make sure there are no tangles. Use a wide tooth comb and brush them gently. You’ll also need to use care products formulated specially for hair extensions. They’ll keep your hair nourished and moisturized. Also avoid heating tools such as curlers and straighteners. This will keep your hair from getting dry and brittle. If you’re wearing extensions to bed, tie them so they don’t get tangled; brush them in the morning.
How long will my hair extensions last?
Hair extensions can last anywhere from 1 to 9 months,depending on the kind of extensions you’re using. Good quality hair will last a lot longer if you follow care tips.
Can I use a flat iron or a blow dryer on my hair extensions?
Yes. If you’re using 100% Remy virgin hair extensions, you can use heated styling tools such as flat irons or blow dryers for your hair extensions. Make sure your hair extension is of good quality before trying any kind of heat on it. Always read and follow the instructions.
How to pay for my hair extensions?
You could pay by Visa, MasterCard or through PayPal.
How many bundles of hair I need to weave my hair?
It depends on the length and thickness of your original hair. For a full head of thick hair, you may need three bundles, length 18”–20”. If you have fine hair, you may need about 2 bundles in length 16”–18”.
Can I color my hair extensions?
You can color your hair extensions, but it’s best to go to a professional stylist, instead of trying a DIY dye job. We recommend using Remy hair extensions since synthetic extensions might not offer the desired results.
How do I wash my hair extensions?
We recommend washing them after every 5-7 wears. Since hair extensions don’t accumulate natural oils as your normal hair does, you can get away with wearing them for a longer time. But you’ll need to wash them if you’ve been working out regularly, so that the product is able to withstand damage and wear.
How do I choose the right color?
Choosing the right color can be a challenge if you’re not sure what color your natural hair actually is. At, we try to make it simple and easy for you. This is why we offer a wide selection of lengths, qualities and colors. Depending on your natural shade, you could choose to go one shade lighter or darker to give your natural color some texture. But if you’re unsure, asking a professional or even getting in contact with us will help.
Are there are different types of attachment methods?
There are different methods like combs, wraps and clips. We offer a range of hair extensions so you’ll find plenty of options such as clip-ins, tape-ins and weaves etc.
How much do hair extensions cost?
That depends on the quality. If you were to buy hair extensions from a new or unreliable buyer for cheap, you’ll most likely get a sub-standard product. Buying extensions at a substantially higher rate than what you can get for cheap will not only help in the long run; it’ll look beautiful as well.
Can I exchange or return the hair extensions?
Yes. You can exchange your hair extensions at your own shipping cost as long as the product is in standard condition. You have up to 7 days to do so.
What’s the difference between full lace wig 360 and lace frontal wigs?
The former are circular lace wigs that are at the perimeter that you can style and part. Lace Frontal wigs can be left as is with a sheer hairline at the front. They are also less expensive than full-lace wigs.
How long will it take after I Place an order to get the products?
You should receive your purchase within 2 to 5 days and at the most; two weeks if you reside in Canada and the United States. Customers outside of Canada and the US will receive their product within 2-3 weeks.