Aug 14 , 2019

It’s your hair

It’s your hair
Don’t break it with poor quality hair extensions

 Here’s what you need to do before applying hair extensions: 

Buying hair extensions can be challenging for first time buyers and also for people who buy hair extensions and are still not buying the right hair types.
You should know your hair so you don’t break it with bad quality hair extensions - know your hair colour and length. The type of hair extensions you buy is also very important.
I recommend having a hair treatment before getting hair extensions.
By treating your hair, you are protecting it from any damage the
hair extensions can cause.
Always wash your hair before and after applying hair extensions. Also when getting the hair, try not to have it installed too tight because this may cause breakage to your own hair. Before getting hair extensions speak to an expert.

Hair extensions have been around for centuries and people from all different backgrounds wear them. Women use hair for religious reasons as well as medical reasons; however, a lot of that has changed today as men and women wear some kind of hair piece. Extensions are more about beauty, having a different look, longer hair, covering baldness and also for medical reasons.

Today many celebrities have long beautiful flawless hair. Many of us don’t know who has hair extensions and I guess we will never know, who wears what 🤷🏻‍♂️