Sep 04 , 2019

Growing your hair extensions business and delete stress in your life!

Hello everyone,

So now that you started working on your hair extensions business, what’s the next step? Are you willing to invest quality hours into your business? Or are you going to sit back and do nothing and expect your business to grow?

Well, for many years I wanted to have my own hair extensions store, but never got around to it.

I used to procrastinate about running an online business, but I decided I was going to take a leap of faith and here we are.

I can truly tell you one of the obstacles that was standing in my way was fear back in 2016. I had launched a website, and this website didn’t go according to plan.

However, I shut down that website because I just wasn’t not ready at that time. I’ve always been an introvert and not the person who wanted to be active on social media.

I’m super excited today to see where this business is going. I am ready, willing and able to move forward with this hair extensions/service business.

Launching my store 2 months ago has giving me so much confidence and drive.
I’m ready to learn new tricks and tips, so I can provide you with the best information and service.

I’m not where I want to be yet but I’m getting the strength and determination to run my online store. There’s long roads ahead but I know there are good things ahead as well.


Today I want to give you a few simple tips:

- Follow your dream, don’t give up!
- Always set small goals before trying to reach up high.
- Discipline yourself - set up habits at first and keep it simple.
- Be yourself! Don’t try to be like Mr. Jones.
- You may fail, don’t be discouraged.
- Keep trying and follow your heart.

Remember if you sit back and never try, you won't know what the outcome could be.

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